Here’s a quick gander at what is hitting the shelves on Blu-ray this week.

Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season: Take a gander at Steve Buscemi in this critically acclaimed HBO series.  Seriously, does HBO not have the best bunch of writers on staff?

Moneyball:  Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill headline this Golden Globe nominated film based on the Oakland A’s scouting department.  This movie serves as the most excitement around the A’s since Jose Canseco was tweaking Mark McGwire’s bitch tits.

Killer Elite:  That movie with Jason Statham, Robert DiNero and Clive Owen’s creepy child molester mustache.  Based on a true story, follows Danny Bryce, a former British special ops tough guy forced to come out of retirement when his mentor is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal.

Serenity:  Something something by Joss Whedon.  Is it watchable?  Probably if you are a fan of Firefly and stuff like that.

What’s Your Number?:  Am I alone in thinking that Anna Farris went from kinda cute in a white trash way in the early Scary Movie films to really scary looking now?  Her next film should be, “When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong”.  Chris Evans also stars in this movie about just how much of whore Anna Farris’ character is.

Legend:  Tom Cruise as some magical creature.  Way before he joined scientology and became a magical creature.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall:  True, this movie has been out for a while.  But it is fricking hilarious and has some great puppet work.  And for you ladies out there, Jason Segel‘s dong.

American Graffiti:  Classic! Shows that George Lucas can do more than create Jar Jar Binks and R2D2.

Tremors:  I’m sorry, but hands down this might be one of the best B-horror flicks every made.  I don’t think it is scary, but I don’t know if it is meant to be.  Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are classic in this.

And a quick look at the top 10 instant movies thanks to

  1. A Man Apart 2003
  2. Louis C.K.: Hilarious 2009
  3. True Grit 2010
  4. The Making of South Park: 6 Days to Air 2011
  5. Office Space 1999
  6. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil 2010
  7. Trespass 2011
  8. Mars 2010
  9. Kill the Irishman 2011
  10. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 2011  Oh thank god!