There are many things that we do around the office of the WGUB.  Read lots of random web-pages for cool stuff… sift through hundreds of bullshit emails for golden nuggets… and all around work hard!   Hahahahahaha… WOW, can’t believe I said all of that with a straight face!  Whew!  Seriously though… we play video games, gravity bong Rockstar energy drinks and are usually completely shit-faced by 11am.  Thank god for our new intern Chris, who gets to drive us home every day.

Anyway… while we’re wasted and playing our favorite game of flaming darts (I’ll have to tell you about it some time) we have one absolute rule: The music must be loud… and it must be awesome!

This morning, we once again lean on the power behind Wolfgang’s Vault to tear open the sky and rain down the best of Rockgoddery.  Today, they are giving us Legendary Ladies of Rock!!!!  You may not recognize some of these names… but believe us when we say these girls broke the mold for women rockers!  Martha Reeves, Lesley Gore, Mary Wells, Shirley Alston Reeves, Freda Payne, Brenda Lee, Ronnie Spector, Grace Slick and Belinda Carlisle are most of the names that wrap into this particular set.

Bottom line, put your damn headphones on… or crank up your speakers… and get your rock on!  This is more of a mandatory call-out than a suggestion nerds, so just do it!