Yes, yes, yes… you all know I loooooove my iPhone 4 (she makes me happy, what can I say?!?!).  It is truly an awesome phone completely adaptable to the owners wants, needs and perverted leather wrapped desires.  The opportunities are endless… and the only true limitations are the accessories.  For a little while now I’ve been on the hunt for a simplistic and unassuming way to attach a tri-pod to my iPhone.  Photography with my phone is something that I’ve actually grown quite fond of… and using the video camera is great for Christmas recitals and that on-the-fly homemade skin-flick, but what about legit photography and videography?  What if I want to make a snap by snap funny little stop-motion video where my pencil meets my pen and they have a baby paperclip (jeez I really need fresh air from time to time)?  What if I want to really up my bedroom game with a wide-shot (which is soooo necessary in my case… if you catch my drift.  Okay not really).  So, like I said, the hunt was on for a groovy little iPod tri-pod that could give me the stability I want without bulking up my iPhone to the size of a bullish android (stab).

My discovery… the Xshot iPhone 4 case with Detachable tri-pod adapter ($25).  A very slim protective case for everyday use… but with a very cool little adapter that slides into the groove and attached to the tri-pod (included) for an instant mount and record session.  Incredibly easy to use, and everything is small enough to store in a glovebox or sock drawer.  A nice perk to the adapter is that they made it a universal size, meaning you can attach your iPhone 4 (and 4s) to practically any existing tri-pod you may own for greater telescoping, or any other feature you may have grown to love with your existing equipment.

The only 2 bad things I really came across with the Xshot is that their side-mounted tri-pod design is slightly off-center, so you need to make sure you have solid footing before walking away… it could tip over.  Also, it’s a slide-on case design which may peel off your protective screen cover if you are not careful.  Not really negatives, just cautionary tales so you know to take your time with setup.

All-in-all I really dig my Xshot and feel like I made a great choice.  The true test is this weekend with the Holidays… family swarming around ye ole cheese log… and Hot cousin Amy in attendance.  I don’t have any doubts that it will work out perfectly!

Here is How Xshot describes themself:

The All-in-One XShot iPhone 4 Case has it all:
Full protection, a tripod adapter and a sleek design.

  • Protection : Sleek hard case with full enclosure to protect the iPhone 4 and also acts as a bumper for good reception.
  • Innovation : Features a universal tripod adapter that can be used in both landscape and portrait modes on any tripod, XShot camera extender, or monopod to take great pictures, videos, and self-portraits.
  • Versatility : Two-piece slim case that is easy to snap on and remove to use with docking devices and speakers. 
  • Functionality : Ideal for use with the new FaceTime feature and dual cameras. Excellent for iPhone 4 camera stabilization especially when taking photos and making HD films.
  • BONUS!Comes with a mini flex tripod perfect to view or record great content.

How to use it:

  • Simply insert and lock the tripod adapter horizontally or vertically depending on the shot you want.
  • Mount the iPhone Case to your tripod, XShot camera extender, or monopod.
  • With the XShot: extend, aim and smile.

Features and Specs

  • Designed exclusively for the iPhone 4
  • Can be used with any tripod or monopod
  • Features a detachable tripod adapter for universal 1/4” screw.
  • Material: Durable plastic case
  • Included in Package : iPhone Case + Flex Mini Tripod